Jaguar D-Type Sells for $19,800,000

August 20, 2016

A new world record price for a British car. At the 2016 RM Sotheby’s auction In Monterey, California this Jaguar D-Type sold for a record-breaking $19,800,000 which is the highest price ever paid for a British […]

Ferrari F430 Scuderia

July 23, 2016

The F430 Scuderia was built to compete with the likes of Porsche’s GT RS models and Lamborghini’s Gallardo Superleggera, both stripped out to save weight, with more horsepower and a bigger race track bias while […]

MKII Rally Escort – Millington Engined

July 23, 2016

If I had a religion, the Ford MKII Escort fitted with a Millington Diamond 2.5ltr DOHC engine would be where I would go to worship. 330BHP in a car weighing 900Kgs, on slicks, with a […]

‘McLaren’ T25 City Car

July 23, 2016

While studying for my MBA in Trinity, the lecturer (John Murray RIP) was focusing on company strategy and I suggested that within five years a major retail company such as Tesco would sell their own brand […]

History Behind The Ferrari Logo

July 23, 2016

All racing fans are very familiar with the famous Ferrari “prancing horse” symbol. The famous symbol of Ferrari is a black prancing horse on yellow background, usually with the letters S F for Scuderia Ferrari. […]